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I am Ekaterina Fields.

Born in Moscow, a child film star, a System Analyst by education, I was Miss World University, a model in Paris and in London, and an actress both in Russia and in the UK, before becoming a full-time carer for my late mother. I was then a wife and a full time mother of two: a boy and a girl.

My "Higher than Rainbow" film where I played at the age of 12, continues to be shown to Russian speaking audiences monthly, to total audiences of well over 50 million viewers. My website is EkaterinaFields.com. I hope you enjoy visiting it. It has a lot of pictures and videos.

My divorce from Richard Fields (or rather his divorce from us) attracted a lot of media attention, and much of the reporting has been rather creative. In time, I know all the confusion will be fixed. (If you are a journalist and are planning to write about me, please do not reprint silliness. Get in touch with me through my web site, and get your facts right.)

To those who know the real me, who have been my source of support and strength, and to all those who guessed the truth, - thank you.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Ekaterina Fields Biography


1985   Aged 12, Ekaterina played the leading role of Dasha in "Vyshe Radugi" ("Higher than Rainbow"), Odessa TV Film Studio 1985. The film has since been shown on Russian television many times to total audiences in the range of 30-40 million viewers.

1988   Aged 16, Ekaterina played the leading role of Marina Belyakova in "Publikazia" ("Publication"), Moscow Gorkiy Film Studio 1988. Cinema broadcast.

1989 Finalist - Miss Russia, and Finalist - Elite Model Look beauty contests, Moscow, Russia

1989 Winner - Miss World University, Seoul, South Korea

1989-1992 Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, BSc Cybernetics and System Analisys